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The Amulet of the Shen

The Amulet of the Shen
The Amulet of the Shen is involved to represent the sun's orbit, and it became the symbolization of an vague period of time, i.e., eternity; it was placed upon the body of the dead with the catch of big to it life which should run as long as the sun overturned in its orbit in the heavens. In the picture of the mummy chamber the goddesses Isis and Nephthys are found kneeling and resting their hands on shen. Pictures of the shen were finished upon stel?, coffins, etc.; as an amulet it is ordinarily made of lapis-lazuli or carnelian. The amulet of the cartouche has been supposed to be nothing more than shen extended, but it likely refers to the ordinary thinking of i.e., "name".

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