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Goddess Mut

Goddess Mut name

Goddess Mut
Goddess Mut was the goddess whose name agencies mother in  ancient Egyptian. Like Hathor and Isis, Mut was  the  symbolical  mother  of  the  pharaoh.  Mut  is connected  with  both  the  piranha  and  the  lioness. As a vulture goddess she is shown with the marauder headdress  with  the  double  crown  of  Upper  and Lower  Egypt.  Her  brightly  colored  red  or  blue clothe  is  a  linen  sheath  dress,  sometimes  with  a feather shape, and  she  carries  a  papyrus scepter. In  her  role  as  a  lioness,  Mut  is  linked  with Sekhmet,  who  acted  as  the  unforgiving  eye of Ra. The lioness-headed goddess Mut exchanged Amunet, the  first  wife  of  Amun,  and  gone  his  chief  wife when he raised to prominence in Thebes. She is the mother of God Khonsu, and together God Amun, Goddess Mut, and God Khonsu  make up  the  Theban  triad.  Mut appears conspicuously  in  all  the  leading  temples  next  to  her husband, and her devoted precinct was married to the Amun sanctuary by a precious route.

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