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The Amulet of the Buckle

The Amulet of the Buckle
The Amulet of the Buckle comprises the buckle of the girdle of Isis, and is unremarkably made of cornelian, red jasper, red glass, and of other centres of a red color; it is sometimes established of gold, and of centres addressed with gold. It is always assorted with the (CLVIth) Chapter of the "Book of the Dead", which is frequently sliced upon it, and which reads:

"The blood of Isis, and the strength of Isis, and the words of power of Isis shall be compelling to act as powers to protect this great and bright being, and to hold him from him that would do unto him anything that he holdeth in loathing."

Simply before the buckle was involved to the neck of the went, where the rubric ordered it to be placed, it had to be bowed in water in which nkham flowers had been infused; and when the words of the Chapter of the Buckle given above had been narrated over it, the amulet brought to the dead the security of the blood of Isis, and of her words of power. It will be retrieved that she raised the dead body of Osiris by way of her words of power, and there is a legend to the issue that she smote the Sun-god R with severe illness by the magical power which she disciplined. Another object of the buckle was to give the deceased admission to every place in the Scheol, and to enable him to have "one hand towards heaven, and one hand towards earth."

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