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Goddess Tefnut

Goddess Tefnut name
Goddess Tefnut
Goddess Tefnut was an ancient Egyptian goddess, observed as the twin sister and consort of God Shu. Earlier she was the accord of a god named Tefen, but his cult disappeared. As Tefens wife, she was called Tefent. Tefnut embodied moisture, rain, and fluency and also had a set in solar fads. She was affiliated with Ptah at Heliopolis. Tefnut served as a substance by which Ptah brought life into the world.

In historical stops, Tefnut was associated with the goddess Maat and was the place between heaven and earth. With Maat, Tefnut was sometimes viewed as a spiritual draw rather than a divine being.  She was represented as a lioness or as a woman with a lions  head. Tefnut supported  the sky with Shu and  received  the newly risen sun every morning.

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