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The Amulet of the Soul

The Amulet of the Soul
The Amulet of the Soul was taken of gold inlaid with sacred stones in the form of a human-headed hawk, and, when the phrases of the "LXXXIXth Chapter" of the (Book of the Dead) had been recited over it, it was directed by the rubric to the Chapter to be set upon the breast of the deceased. The object of the amulet is manifest from the text in which the broken is made to read, "Hail, thou god Anniu. Hail, thou god Pehrer, who dwellest in thy vestibule! Grant thou that my soul whitethorn come unto me from wheresoever it may be. If it would sticky, then let my soul be took unto me from wherever it may be.. Let me have self-will of my soul and of my heart, and let me be right of voice with them wherever they may be .. Hail, ye gods, who tow on the boat of the lord of millions of years, who bring it introductory the Hades, and who make it to travel over Nut, who make people to enter into their sacred bodies, ... grant that the soul of the Osiris "may come forth before the gods, and that it may be straight of voice with you in the eastside of the sky, and accompany unto the set where it was yesterday, and enjoy dual peace in Amentet. May it look upon its natural body, may it rest upon its religious body, and may its body neither perish nor suffer subversion for ever so!" Thus the amulet of the soul was meant to enable the someone both to unite with the mummified body, and to be with its look (khu) and sacred body at volition.

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