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Pyramid of Teti

Pyramid of Teti
The pyramid of Teti was constructed at North Saqqara on the only left spot, south of the 1st and 2nd Dynasty mastabas and to the north of the pyramid of Userkaf. By this time, the layout of the complex, both inside and right, had become almost standardized, though the chapel in front of the entrance to the tomb is somewhat of a freshness. The pyramid had a paced core with a smooth outer incase. Inside, a corridor comes from the north to a chamber. After this, a further, horizontal corridor passes by three portcullises before

Text show cartouche of Teti from his pyramid
The mortuary complex outside was accessible by means of a valley temple and causeway, both now lost. Large magazines flanked the long entrance hall and the court behind, here embedded by square granite pillars reminiscent of those of the fourth Dynasty. Beyond the endless and bare transverse hall lay the inner apartments of the temple; a chamber with 5 cult niches followed by a square vestibule and the offering chapel itself, also embedded by magazines.

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