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Goddess Anat

Goddess Anat name

Goddess Anat
Goddess Anat or Anath was a goddess of the Canaanites, patronne of both love and war, Anat, always described as a pleasant young woman and named the Virgin, was the sister of the Semitic god Baal. Anat was respected as a goddess of  war  and  military campaigns  and  was  taken  by King Ramses II (1290-1224 B.C.E.) as one of his sponsors. In Egypt, Anat was depicted nude, standing on a lion and taking flowers. In the Ptolemaic Period (304-30 B.C.E.) Anat  was  mixed  with  Astarte, accepting  the  name "Astargatis". In other eras she was held Reshef and Baal as checks in rituals.

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