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The Amulet of the Hearts

The Amulet of the Hearts
The physical organ bid hat as a material bodily entity and ab as a religious body. The heart was considered  the  seat  of  reason,  faith,  and  center  by  the  Egyptians  and  was  unremarkably  left  in  the  body  during mummification.  A  heart  scarab was  took  in  the wrappings  because  the  heart  showed  at  the  Discernment Halls of Osiris. The  heart  was  weighed  there  against  a feathering of the deity Maat to set the worthiness of the  deceased.  Heart  Amulets were  hot  in  the  New Kingdom (1550-1070 B.C.E.) and were intentional out of carnelian or glass.

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