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Gisr el-Mudir

Gisr el-Mudir
The Gisr el-Mudir , placed just west of King Sekhemkhets pyramid complex, was located in the early twentieth century, but not inquired until the middle-1990s. It comprises of masonry of roughly hewn limestone blockages in layers, taking it potentially the earliest known stone structure in Egypt. Its builder is unknown, but proposed dates have shifted  from  Dynasty 3  to  the  Early Dynastic period, and in particular to Dynasty 2. Others have tentatively imputed the Gisr el-Mudir to Khasekhemwy. Pottery observed during the 1995 season can be antique to the end of Dynasty 2 or starting of the third Dynasty. Accordingly, it has been indicated that these empty precincts are the counterparts of the Abydene enclosures built in muck brick.

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