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Tomb of Irukaptah

Tomb of Irukaptah
Irukaptah was the Chief of Butchers during the reign of different  pharaohs  and  was  swallowed  in  the  royal  complex  of Saqqara as a signal of his rank and faithful overhaul. Irukaptahs  fine  burial  site  held  reliefs  and  paintings showing  the  butchering  of  animals.  He  also  approved KA statues for his burial site.

The grave of Irukaptah is located in the west group, 9.5 meter under the level of the Unas causeway and 10.5 metre from its south side. It can be given by the modern staircase which runs aboard the causeway (see tb-610). The tomb was dug at the base of a small cliff in ranked limestone which overhangs it by 17 meter and the tomb also takes on a courtyard. It is one of the largest of the group (13.45 metre from north to south) and it disagrees from all others by its exceptional interior statues, carved directly into the rock. On the other hand, the radicals of the decoration are limited and banal for the era on the situation of Saqqara, similar ones can be discovered, for instance, in the identified mastaba of Ti.

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