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Goddess Mehit

Goddess Mehit name

Goddess Mehit
Goddess Mehit or (Hatmehit) in the ancient Egyptian faith was a fish-goddess in the area around  the delta city of Per-banebdjedet, Mendes  In ancient Egyptian art Mehit was represented either as a fish, or a woman with a fish emblem or crown on her head. She was a goddess of life and security. Her name transforms as Foremost of Fish or Chief of Fish. She may have some connector to Hathor, one of the best deities of Egypt who also went by the name Mehit, meaning great flood. This may maybe be due to being seen as a end of the primal waters of creation from which all things arose. Other goddesses connected with the primal waters of universe are Mut and Naunet.

When the rage of Osiris arose, the people of Mendes reacted by identifying Osiris as having attained his agency by being the husband of Mehit. In certain, it was the Ba of Osiris, known as Banebjed (literally meaning Ba of the lord of the djed, consulting to Osiris), which was said to have married Mehit. When God Horus  got  taken  the  son  of  Osiris,  a  form  known  as  Harpocrates  (Har-pa-khered  in  Egyptian), Mehit was accordingly said to be his mother. As wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus, she eventually became identified as a form of Isis.

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