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The Amulet of the Pillow

The Amulet of the Pillow
The Amulet of the Pillow is a precious of the pillow which is found located low the neck of the mummy in the coffin, and its object is to "intoxicate" and to protect the head of the went; it is usually made of haematite, and is inscribed with the school text of the (CLXVIth) Chapter of the "Book of the Dead", which says:

"Thou art elated, O sick one that liest sleeping. They lift up thy head to the view, thou art stirred up, and dost victory by cause of what hath been over for thee. Ptah hath reversed thine enemies, which was placed to be done for thee. Thou art Horus, the son of Hathor, . . . who givest second the head after the slaughter. Thy head shall not be held away from thee afterwards (the slaughter), thy head shall never, never be took away from thee."

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