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Goddess Mehurt

Goddess Mehurt name
Goddess Mehurt
Goddess Mehurt or (Mehet-Weret) was the  great  celestial  cow  who  gave  have to the ocean of the sky, Mehurt was read to be the birth mother of the sun god Ra. Because of this, she is related with Nut, the sky goddess who passes birth to the sun at the dawn of every day. When Ra was born, Mehurt took him between her horns as a sun disk, and she gone linked with Hathor, whose crown is a sun disk betwixt her horns. Later this became the crown of Isis. She is nearly always read as a cow, and her name agencies the great flood. Her delegacies are  easy  broken  with Hathor, because each is oftentimes  shown  as  a  recumbent cow lying on a reed felt, a sun disk betwixt the horns. In the Old Kingdom (2686-2181 B.C.),  Mehurt looks in the Pyramid Texts of Unas: Unas  has related his pools which are on the trusts of the canal of Mehurt, at the place where oblations flourish, and areas  on  the  horizon,  and  he  has  named  his  garden expand on the banks of the horizon.

By the New Kingdom (1550-1069 B.C), Mehurt had grown a goddess of rebirth, especially for those souls trusting to resurrect in the Netherworld. The Book of the Dead (Chapter XXVII) tells us, I behold Ra who was born yesterday from the goddess Mehurt . . it is the white abyss of heaven ..  it is the image of the eye of Ra in the morning at his yearly birth. Mehurt is the eye of Ra. In different myth Ra claims to have created Mehurt with the help of Isis and her magical spells. When Tutankhamens  tomb  was  given  in 1922, a funerary couch was observed in his tomb in the shape of the celestial cow. Mehurt was there to aid him when he entered the Netherworld. As a goddess of  rebirth  and  resurrection,  Mehurt  evolved  into  a sponsor or guardian of the necropolis on the west bank of the Nile at Thebes.

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