Kom El Sultan (Osiris’s temple)

temple of Osiris at Kom El Sultan

Kom El Sultan turned into the principal shrine of Osiris in Abydos, now  called  Kom El Sultan  by means of  the  Egyptians. there had been many sites of worship dedicated to Osiris in the  Nile  valley  and  past,  but  the  god’s  foremost  cultic temple changed into placed in Abydos, the city devoted to him. most effective the ramparts of the temple are seen today. a limestone portico erected with the aid of Ramsesii (r. 1290–1224 b.c.e.) is also obtrusive. the temple, referred to as the Osireion in some records, dates to the third dynasty (2649–2575 b.c.e.) or possibly  in advance.  this  is  older  than  the  Osireion erected by using Seti i (r. 1306–1290 b.c.e.).