Kom el-Hisn

In Kom el-Hisn Relief with Hathor and pharaoh Necho II
Kom el-Hisn was a site in the western Delta of Egypt, south of Naukratis, present day Kom el-Hisn.A temple that was devoted to the cliques of the divinities Sekhmet and Hathor was raised at Imu by Senwosret I (r. 1971–1926 B.C.E.). A rectangular structure, the sanctuary likewise contained statues of Amenemhet III (r. 1844–1797 B.C.E.) and Ramses II (r. 1290–1224 B.C.E.), introduced in later administrations. Imu turned into the capital of the third nome of Lower Egypt. The necropolis related with the site contains tombs from the First Intermediate Period (2134–2040 B.C.E.) up to the New Kingdom (1550–1070 B.C.E.).