Valley of the Queens

Entrance to the Valley of the Queens

This was the purple necropolis of the New Kingdom (1550–1070  B.C.E.),  located southwest of Medinet Habu on the western prop of the Nile  at  Thebes. The  site  was  called  Ta-set-neferu,  “the Direct of the Royal Children,” in the ancient periods and is now called Biban el-Harim, “the Doors of the Women,” or Biban el-Melikat, “the Doors of the Daughters,” in Arabic.  The  queens,  princes,  and  princesses  of  the  New Kingdom were buried here. The necropolis is considered to contain 70 tombs. Located in an arid wadi, the site was got  first  on  the  south  hill  and  then  on  the northwest side.

The about famous tomb of the Valley of the Queens was constructed for Queen Nefertari- Merymut, the Great Wife of  Ramses II (r. 1290–1224  B.C.E.).  This  site  has columned  chambers,  stairs,  ramps,  and  an  offering  hall with shelves and a sepulture chamber with four pillars and three  annexes.  Elaborately  decorated  with  polychrome reliefs, the tomb pictures Queen Nefertari-Merymut in the regular  funerary settings  but  also  portrays  her  in  everyday scenes of mortal life. The Bennu (phoenix) and the Aker lions  are  as well  exposed.  “The  Great  Wives”  of  the  New Kingdom all have tombs in this necropolis.

The  tombs  of  the  royal  sons  of  the  New  Kingdom Period include the resting place of Amenhirkhopshef (1), the son of King Ramses III (r. 1194–1163 B.C.E.). This tomb has a rage, three chambers, and two wings, all painted with scenes  and  cultic  symbols.  A  vestibule  was  part  of the design. The tomb of Kha’Emweset (2), another prince of the dynasty and likewise a son of Ramses III, is in the Valley of the Queens as well. This is designed with three chambers, two  extensions,  and  a  ramp.  The  walls  are  treated  with painted eases. Some officials of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1550–1307 B.C.E.) were given the honor of having small pit tombs in the  Valley  of  the  Queens.  Other  princesses  and  princes were likewise provided with similar pit tombs.

List of the Tombs of Valley of the Queens:

QV8 Hori [ disambiguation needed ] and a King's Daughter

QV17 Merytre and Wermeryotes

QV30[3] Nebiri

QV31[3] Anonymous

QV33[3] Tanedjemet

QV34 Anonymous

QV36[3] Anonymous

QV38[3] Sitre

QV40[3] Anonymous

QV42[3] Pareherwenemef

QV43[3] Seth-her-khopsef

QV44[3] Khaemwaset

QV46[3] Imhotep

QV47[3] Ahmose

QV51[3] Iset Ta-Hemdjert

QV52[3] Tyti

QV53[3] Ramses Meryamen

QV55[3] Amun-her-khepeshef

QV58 Anonymous

QV60[3] Nebettawy

QV66[3] Nefertari

QV68[3] Meritamun

QV70 Nehesy

QV71[3] Bintanath

QV72 Neferhat / Baki

QV73[3] Henuttawy

QV74[3] (Dua)Tentopet

QV75[3] Henutmire

QV76 Merytre

QV80 Queen (Mut-)Tuy

QV81 Heka[...]

QV82 Minemhat and Amenhotep

QV88 Ahmose