Saint Simeon Monastery

Monastery of Saint Simeon
Saint Simeon Monastery, in Aswan, goes back to the  6th Century AD. It is one of the most beautiful ancient Coptic monasteries that comprises a church the  walls of which illustrate pictures of Christ and the Saints.

The Monastery of Saint Simeon enclosed by desert sands, the monastery was established on two levels, the lower level of rock and the upper level of clay brick – surrounded by 10 m-high walls. At its height, the monastery may have domiciliate as many as 1000 monks, but it was partially destroyed by the troops of Sultan Saladin about 1173. The basilica has hints of frescoes. The cells set have their mastaba (bench) beds. The close room on the right includes graffiti from Muslim pilgrims who continued here en way to Mecca in El-Hejaz.