Mummification Museum at Luxor

Mummification Museum at Luxor

Mummification Museum recently introduced in the visitors centre in Luxor, it is the only one of its sort in the world. It houses 150 souvenirs of mummies, coffins, tools the ancient Egyptian physician used, and house paintings corresponding the religious funerary rituals. The story of this museum started when the Egyptian president established that the obligation of the former visitor middle building was to be transmitted from the tourism ministry to that of culture (and, specifically, the Supreme Council of Antiquities). It was opened in 1997.

    Gods of ancient Egypt

    Embalming materials

    Organic materials

    Embalming fluid

    Tools of mummification

    Canopic jars



    Coffin of Padiamun

    Mummy of Masaherta

    Mummified animals