First Intermediate Period

After the fall of the Old Kingdom came a roughly 200-year stretch of time knew as the First Intermediate Period, which is loosely thought to take a relatively obscure set of pharaohs running from the end of the Sixth to the Tenth, and about of the Eleventh Dynasty. Most of these were future local monarchs who did not take such power out of their own limited domain, and none held power over the totally of Egypt. Though their governing was in form of Theocracy, they reliably respect other governments,. While there are next to no official records covering this period, there are a number of fictional texts known as Lamentations from the early period of the subsequent Middle Kingdom that may drop some light on what happened during this period. Some of these texts shine on the breakdown of rule, others allude to intrusion by "Asiatic bowmen". In frequent the stories focus on a society where the natural put of things in both company and nature was overthrown.

It is also highly probably that it was during this period that totally of the pyramid and grave complexes were hooked. Further lamentation texts allude to this fact, and by the beginning of the Middle Kingdom mummies are found dressed with magical pieces that were once individual to the pyramid of the kings of the sixth dynasty.

By 2160 BC a new line of pharaohs (the 9th and 10th Dynasties) consolidated Lower Egypt from their special in Herakleopolis Magna. A rival line (the Eleventh Dynasty) based at Thebes reunified Upper Egypt and a brush between the two rival dynasties was inevitable. Around 2055 BC the Theban forces defeated the Heracleopolitan Pharaohs, reunified the 2 Lands. The reign of its first pharaoh, Mentuhotep II marks the beginning of the Middle Kingdom.