Abu Rawash

The protect at Abu Rawash rests
in the shade of the internment
pit of the Pyramid of Djedefre

Abu Rawash is a site located in north of Giza. The principle landmark on the site dates to the Fourth Line, developed by Ra'Djedef (r. 2528–2520 B.C.E.), the child and successor of King Khufu(Cheops). Ra'djedef raised a pyramid at Abu Rowash, halfway encased in red rock and incomplete. A mortuary temple is on the eastern side of the pyramid and a valley temple was designated as a component of the complex. A watercraft pit on the southern side of the pyramid contained statues of Ra'djedef, the bring down piece of a statue of Queen Khentetka, and a sphinx shape, the main such sphinx frame found in a regal tomb. In the valley sanctuary of the complex a statue of Arsinoe (2), the partner of Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285–246 B.C.E.), was found. Likewise found were close to home objects of 'AHA (Menes, 2920 B.C.E.) and DEN (c. 2800 B.C.E.) of the In the first place Dynasty. A newfound mud-block pyramid on the site has not been recognized, but rather an Old Kingdom (2575–2134 B.C.E.) necropolis is apparent.